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Frequently Asked Questions

Dear site reader,

We hope our site is clear and informative, but if after reading it you still have questions then please don't hesitate to write to us. Before you do it however, please read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below and maybe you will find the answer you are looking for. We do not guarantee that we will be able to answer all e-mails but we will make an attempts to satisfy your curiosity either by direct answering or by putting additional information on our web-site.

Why seven vessels?

This is going to be floating school (academy). Seven vessels will have more capacity, will give coverage to a  bigger area and will have more impact when come together to a harbor. Each vessel can be fitted with research equipment for specific dedicated curriculum. In our opinion, each country should have one or more vessels like that. If in new Zealand where live approximately 4 million people, one vessel is permanetly occupied, country like Australia should have 5 such vessels, and country like Poland 10 of them.

Why floating university and not stationary?

There are several reasons: first - the sea is a great teacher, second - OE (Overseas Experience), third - mobility for research  purpose, four - excellent way for disseminating information and make a great impact.

Why approximate 60 m LOA square rigged vessels rather then 10-20m LOA sloops or schooner?

Size does matter in this case.  There is need for class rooms, laboratory, library, computers' room etc. which small boat can't provide. Also bigger vessel is safer. On bigger vessel, the students to permanent crew ratio is more efficient and economical.  Finally, please imagine a view of seven such vessels along side the wharf? Spectacular!

Why build and not charter the vessels?

There are not many such vessels in the World available for charter and if there is one or two they have been designed for different purpose and do not fulfill our requirements.

Who will own the vessels?

Each vessel will be owned by private person or entity. Operation of the  Academy will be run by trust and funded partialy by students, partialy through fund rising and sponsorshisp.

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