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Option 1: Total ownership of the vessel by one person or entity.

The vessel will be owned by only one sponsor-owner who is willing to fund building of vessel.  Operation and maintenance cost will be covered in 50% students and in 50% by the Trust. The details of ownership and access to it may be negotiated individualy in each case.

Option 2: Shared ownership of the vessel

The vessel will be owned by two or more sponsors-owners. Operation and maintenance cost will be covered in 50% students and in 50% by the Trust. The whole or part of vessel will be available to the onwers/sponsors (for private functions for instance) under special arrangements.

The funding of vessels could be supported by individual sponsors supplying various equipment or materials such as: engines, generators, pumps, electronics, paints, steel, sails, spars, rigging, deck equipment, etc. this will allow reduction of a cost of building.

Funding of operation of Sailing Academy

50% of costs of operation of vessels will be covered by trainees (students) and remaining 50% will be covered by research institutions, private donations, trust owned enterprises, fund rising etc. Additionally the trust will organise paid voyages for adults who would like to spent some time at sea and take part in sailing activity.

Funding strategy


“Education costs money, but then so does ignorance”. -  Sir Claus Moser

We hope that this idea of floating university will resonate with people who like sailing, science and nature.

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