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Mastermind Team

“Coordination of knowledge and effort, in the spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose.”  -  Napoleon Hill

Now it is time to form the Mastermind Team. If you think you can contribute to this project in any form, put your name forward and contact us. We are looking for team members from all walks of life, with positive attitude and with good sense of humor.

Don't be overwhelmed by this task ahead, remember this: 

“…while we may not always make our goals, our goals will always make us”  -  Bill Newman (Soaring with Eagles)


However: "If we fail, then the whole world, including all that we have known and cared for, will sink into the abyss of a New Dark Age..."

Captn. Henryk Wolski.  Master degree in mechanical engineering. Ocean Going Yacht Master. Member of Arved Fuchs’s ICESAIL expedition team lasted 4 years and completed  in 2002 . In 2000, he was one of the four members of Arved Fuchs’s expedition following Shackleton’s historic voyage using a replica of Shackleton’s lifeboat “James Caird”. He has around 150.000 nautical miles to his credit. Henryk  has been working regularly as expedition leader on Hapag Lloyd cruise ships in the Antarctic and the Arctic.
Experience: Polar expeditions, navigations, sailing

Captn. Tomasz (Tomek) M. Glowacki was born and brought up in Poland. He holds Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the Poznan University of Technology. He is Project Manager Professional (PMP) and holds the Ocean Going Yacht Master ticket and certificate of Six Sigma Black Belt. In 1985 he moved with his family to New Zealand where he held various senior roles during his professional career including Project Management and General Management roles in maritime industry. Currently he lives between Auckland (NZ) and Perth (WA)  and works in Green Retrofitting Industry. His passion are: naval architecture, marine design, sailing, cycling and skiing. He cares about natural environment and animal welfare. Founder and project manager of Environmental Sailing Academy.

Captn. Krzysztof (Chris) Baranowski. Chris holds a Master degree in electronics and made long career in journalism. He twice solo circumnavigated the globe. He has around 300000 nautical miles to his credit. In 1972 he represented Poland in OSTAR (Observer Single-handed Trans Atlantic Race). In 1980 launched barquentine “Pogoria” - 47m LOA and became her first commander. In 1980/81 he went to Antarctica on scientific purpose with group of scientists and in 1983 iniciated educational program „Szkola pod Zaglami” (Class Afloat) for high school students. In 1992 he launched a 56 m LOA brig „Fryderyk Chopin” for his Internationa Class Afloat Foundation. Chris has wrote 15 books, made 50 films. Currently he runs in Poland TV program "Szkola pod Zaglami" (Class Afloat).

Alexandra Bekiaris – Executive producer of highly acclaimed film “MOST” (Bridge), nominated to Academy Award in 2004 followed by a warm reception wherever the film was shown. She says: “The story of Most can't be taken away, only added to. It leaves you questioning, because there are so many possibilities to the story itself. We are all on carriages going somewhere and we'll always be going somewhere, and whether you are a Hollywood star or a homeless person at the lowest part of your life, you are always looking for your next stop: sometime called “love”, sometime called “hope”, another time called “change”.

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