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Our values:

The Environmental Sailing Academy adopted the following values for guidance:

​Respect for resources and natural environment

Developing people to their full potential

Freedom, justice and peace

Good balance between what man needs and what he can get out of the environment is a key word. Our responsibility is to keep the environment in balance for generations to come.

We are committed to ensuring that skills, knowledge and talent are proactively identified and developed, and that our people are encouraged to challenge boundaries and develop leading-edge environmental solutions.

The freedom, justice and peace are the base of proportional, balanced development of the people and nations.

Respect and dignity for animals

Dedication to scientific research

Sharing of knowledge

We agree with the following statement:

“They (animals) breathe like we breathe. Their hearts beat like our hearts.”

We see scientific research as a way of finding the facts and developing solutions.

We share information appropriately and responsibly. We listen and work collaboratively. We believe in open and effective communication. We believe in straight dealing in all matters.

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