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​Inspiration for the name of  this web-site comes form Pompeius:

A long time ago, when food was in short supply in Rome, Pompeius sailed to Africa to bring back food. When the ships were laden with grain, a storm stopped them from leaving the harbour. Sailors were afraid to sail on stormy waters. Then Pompeius first hoisted the sails and shouted: "Navigare necesse est, vivere non est necesse". “Sailing is necessary, life is not necessary”. In our time we should say:

    Sailing is necessary because our life  depends on it.

​Founder's BIO

Tomasz (Tomek) M. Glowacki was born and brought up in Poland. He holds Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering degree from the Poznan University of Technology. He is Project Manager Professional (PMP) and holds the Ocean Going Yacht Master ticket. In 1985 he moved with his family to New Zealand where he held various senior roles during his professional career including Project Management and General Management roles in maritime industry. Currently he lives between Auckland (NZ) and Perth (WA)  and works in enrgy saving industry. His passion are: natural environment, naval architecture, sailing, cycling and skiing.

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